LE 3 Summary

Differentiation and Motivation

Differentiation in Reading

We collected a fantastic variety of resources for differentiation, ranging from books, to articles, to websites. Links to the resources are included below. The only resource not included is the document Jenn created because it is a pdf and does not have a link--but you can access her resource from the discussion board.

Motivation in Reading

Thanks for all the wonderful motivation resources. Here they are!


Here are the artifacts you posted. The only ones that I could not post here are those that do not have a live link). If you want to keep any of those artifacts you will need to go to the LE 3 e-tivity 7 Discussion forum and save them. These are the artifacts that I could not post: Choice board attachments (Heather)Critical literacy article (Paul)Adventures with Books poem (Lucy)Acrostic poem (Melissa F)Top Reads Poster (Debi)World Map Airmiles (Meeta)Fair versus Equal (Heather)Motivation poster (Alison)Character Book Talk (Jenn)Cartoon (Melissa K)
Starfish an inspirational message for all teachers
Welcome To Holland By Emily Perl Kingsley