Safety Online


Cyberbullying is when an idividual or a group of people is bullying another person online. Cyberbullying is often worse than bullying because there is no way for the victim to get away from it as they can always be contacted through their phone or through facebook. Cyberbullying has also been the cause of many deaths as it goes more unnoticed than normal bullying which leaves the victim with nowhere to go so they end their lives.

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Harassment is when someone is targeted by another person due to their ethnicity, race or sexuality and becasue of a law passed in 1997, the Harassment Act, the people that carry out the harrasment can be prosecuted. Harrasment is usually when their has been bullying over a sustained period of time.

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Sexting is when you send a sexual photo of yourself or someone else via text message to another person. Sexting is illegal to do and it is also illegal if you possesse a sexual photo of somebody else. There are also other things that can go wrong with sexting. As soon as you send a picture of yourself it is out of your control and can end up anywhere such as facebook and google and is there for anyone to see. Furthermore, if you have a picture of yourself with your name on all over the internet then this could be seen by your employers which would mean you wouldnt be able to get a job.

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Age of criminal responsibility

The age of crminal responsibility is 10. This means that if you are 10 years old or older you must take responsibility for your actions. So if you stabbed someone then you would have to take full responsibility for what you did and face the legal procedure just like any other adult would. So you have to learn the law otherwise as a 10 year old you could think you are untouchable and commit a stupid crime not knowing the law.

Online Gaming

Playing FIFA against mates online is always fun to do however you need to make sure that you are just against your mates because if you start trying to play against random people it could ge you into all sorts of trouble. If people play against you online then thye are able to try and talk to you. If you agree to start talking to them then they could be able to contact you in other ways to, so it is best to talk to only your mates so that you know you are safe.

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