By: Ivory Williams

Welcome 6th graders, at 6th grade your probably gonna have some issues like opening your locker or remembering your combo or finding your classes. The way that you open your locker is, Right,Left,Right . If you ever need a guide or your locker combo all you have to do is look at your scheduel. You should always talk to your teachers because they are really nice.The princaples are really nice Mr.Weaver is the asstiant princaple and Mr.Sexson is the head princaple he is very nice. Overall in 6th grade your teachers are gonna be Mr.weldy, math teacher Mrs.guiles ,math teacher Mrs.patten, reading Mrs.jhonson , writeing, Mrs.cornett,read 180/ system 44 and the social studies teacher i dont no her name. Are school is brand new they built it right after the tornado.I hope you have a great 6th grade year at our school.!!!.


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