Fabiola Balderas

It's the life in my years that count

Something About Me

  • 16 years old
  • Sophomore
  • Class of 2017
  • Flower lover
  • Gum addict
  • Book worm
  • 80's music lover
  • All kinds of music lover
  • Family
  • Future Astronomer
  • Holla at me in UT

My Top MVP'S

Another Kind of Family

Quick Summary

All the people you have seen on this flyer are the ones that make everyday count. They have all done amazing things for me, even if it's just giving me they're friendship. I love every single one of them, some because they're my family, nahh just kidding. My family supports me in everything I do, and encourages me to strive for more. My friends do the same, but with some stupidity along the way. It's what makes my crazy teenage life fun and happy. I may be a lot to handle sometimes with my attitude, but not once have they given up on me, and I thank God for that.