Demo Plan - Rich Task Template

Student Name @ Co-op Placement


Select at least two possible dates

Time of Demo:

Select a time that is convenient for your placement a.m. or p.m.

i.e. Restaurant do not select peak time (lunch rush)

Description of Activity:

What will you be teaching me?


Why have you chosen this specific task or set of tasks? For example: Is it important to your daily routine? Is this task an important function of the business?

Details of the Activity:

Outline the specific steps and details of the activity. This is where you can include photos or any authentic workplace examples (forms, pictures of tools or equipment used etc.)

Required Materials:

List of all the materials needed to carry out the demonstration.

i.e. making pizza dough (i.e. list of ingredients)

i.e. dental procedure (i.e. list of all of the tools used for specific procedure)

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

i.e. Please wear safety boots and bring a pair of safety glasses.

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

Please circle:



Signature of Placement Supervisor: ________________________________________________