Victoria Cross Medal

Mark Gregor Strang Donaldson

What is the Victoria Cross Medal?

The Victoria Cross medal is a medal awarded to a digger who presents extraordinary courage and bravery for someone else's benefit. The act of bravery can be an impulsive reaction to something and shows great effort in a duty. This medal was created by Queen Victoria in 1856, but it was only created in Australia in 1991. So far there has been ninety-six medals awarded.

Mark Gregor Strang Donaldson

Mark Gregor Strang Donaldson is the first Australian man to achieve the Victoria Cross medal. He achieved this medal for his actions shown on the 2nd of September in 2008. On that day he was travelling in an Afghan, US and Australian vehicle that was being watched by the enemy, waiting to put out their picture perfect, entrenched ambush attack. During the ambush Mark exposed himself out of his position attracting the attention of the enemy, distracting them so soldiers could get back to safety.

The Act of Great Gallantry

During the ambush there were many men wounded, and the ones that weren't had no choice but to run on the side of the vehicle as the enemy had employed a tactic forcing them to. As Mark moved to the vehicle he saw a wounded coalition interpreter left behind. There was eighty metres in between Mark and the interpreter, nevertheless Mark moved to him on foot and once reached to him carried him to the relatively safety of the vehicle, treating him with immediate first aid until then continuing with the fight.