12th Media Lit.


Journal #1

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Journal #2

soo this mourning i wke up 2 get ready to take a shower nd my lil sis was still in there. so i had to bang on da door to get her out and its annoying cuz we go thru this every morning .... lol but anyway i got ready for school . when i headed 2 da bus stop i wlked a diff. way for a chang of scenery lol . so i gt on da bus then went to school.1st block was ight but i was ready to go cuz i fineshed all my work and + i was still tired from last night . 2nd period was ok we changed up how we do things in teamsports but i enjoyed. but now i in 3rd period its ight but my friend wassent here so i kinda lonely..smh but its whatever

Journal #3

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Above is the Google search i did for Sochi at school

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Above is the google search from sochi at home.


Both my results for the google search sochi were the same. I feel that they rank whats trending or what people are looking up in the top feiw results. I feel that if i look futher down the results they would start to change up. Because i feel they rank it from most viewd to least viewd in the geographic area.

Journal #4

The search for myself......

I felt my results from searching myself on google was pretty strange. It basically had every social network i created period. Some I forgot about and some i knew about. But i really did not like it how it had my previous address and schools that i attended. I believe the only reason why my number wassent on it is because i never signed up with it. But i feel that if someone really wanted to find me they could google me and pay to have my address. which i strongly dislike.

Journal #5

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