PLHS Library Newsletter

February 2018

Our numbers are in!

Our annual Barnes & Noble Bookstar book fair numbers are in! With yours and the communities support with this fundraiser, we collected almost $1500.00!

February is Black/African American History Month 2018

We will have a display set up shortly!


Saturday, March 17th, 7pm

3500 Sports Arena Boulevard

San Diego, CA

Place your order for tickets here to help raise funds for the new PLHS Library!

Taking orders now through March 14, 2018 at noon! Tickets purchased from the PLHS Finance office will be distributed on March 15, 2018. Only tickets bought at PLHS will benefit this fundraiser.

Rainy Season is Coming! Protect Your Textbooks! I can't say this enough!

With the rainy season here, the library staff strongly advise students to protect your textbooks. When backpacks get saturated, they drip water onto your books in your backpack. Students also tend to put their backpacks down on the wet floors. Water damage is water damage. You may want to carry a plastic bag in your backpack as a "just in case" option. No one wants to get charged for water damage. MRS. COOPER HAS PLASTIC BAGS ON HAND FOR WHEN IT RAINS!

Pointer Association Meeting - Reorganization

Monday, Feb. 12th, 6-8pm

PLHS Library

Reality Changers Feb. 6, 20 and 27

Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 2-4pm

PLHS Lower Lab

Session 1 2:30 - 4:30

College Catalogs Available for Browsing!

Come check out the COLLEGE CATALOGS area of the library!

If you get a phone message and/or email regarding library debts, please do the following:

Students can check to see what they have out by clicking this link. They will use the username and password they use on the computers at school.

Check here to see what's going on in the PLHS library

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