Greek Post

By: Hope Barlow

Crime Report

In Greece when you commit a crime your punishments include becoming a slave, being sent away from the city or death.Death can be carried in many different ways like being poisoned or being thrown off a cliff.

Crimminals to look out for are bandits who wait on the side of roads and rod travelers ,pirates attack other ships and steel their goods,revenge killers who murders someone to get revenge on a crime they did and robbers that will steel treasures from tombs

Greek have a small police force made from slaves.Suspects and witness's who might have seen the crime make speeches to tell what they saw.Citizens can decide the punishment of who ever committed the crime.

There are two voting tokens,one had a hole in the middle which means your guilty and the other does not have a hole and that means your not guilty.


This evening come to the center of town to vote with your voting tokens to decide if the murderer is guilty or not if guilty you may choose the punishment for the criminal.

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