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Importing Publisher Test Banks into OAKS

Most major publishers provide digital test banks that can be imported into your OAKS question library and used to create online quizzes and exams.

You will first want to request a Desire2Learn compatible test bank from your publisher representative. (If your publisher rep needs more specific details, tell them it should be an "IMSCP or QTI compatible zipped file" and send them this link:

This video tutorial will walk you through the simple steps of importing that .zip file into OAKS.

OAKS 10.3 - Quizzes: Importing Quiz Questions

Formatting Word Document Quizzes to be Imported into OAKS

Many faculty have created exams and quizzes in Microsoft Word but now would like to import them into OAKS to use the online quizzing tool. We have a program in our lab (JC Long 323) called Respondus that will allow you to do this.

The first required step is to format your Word documents. Respondus will not work unless you follow the instructions in this tutorial:

The second step is to make an appointment with me so I can show you how to use Respondus.

This will save you the trouble of having to recreate those quiz questions from scratch!


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