Yearbook Advice

By: Mackenzie Zimmerman and Madi Rawls


We had a total of six pages. We had two Cross Country pages, the Lunch page, the Where's Mayhem page, a Clubs page, and the Faculty Divider.

Yearbook Calendar

September: pay attention to all helpful tips about page designing and picture taking

October: make templates and plan on going to upcoming school events

November-December: make sure all first deadline pages are completed and ready to be edited

February-March: make sure all second deadline pages are competed and ready to be edited

April- make sure all pages are completed and edited, make sure all tagging is done

Make sure that tagging is done throughout the whole year, and make sure that you are going to important club meetings and after/before school activities!

Position's Task

To be successful, you should get involved in your school and attend school events!
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Helpful Tips

1. go to plenty of school events

2. consistently tag photos

3. create catchy titles

4. take high quality pictures

5. always stay on task

6. try to get everyone in the yearbook at least 3 times

7. meet the deadlines on time

8. be creative

9. don't be afraid to ask for help!

10. make sure your page and the page next to yours are on the same track

Motivational Message!

Remember that you have an opinion in what goes into the yearbook; don't be afraid to express it! Don't be stressed out because everything will work out in the end. Just focus on what you need to get done and manage your time wisely. Keep the deadlines in mind when you are working on your pages- work on ones that are due sooner! If you are in a time crunch and need help, don't be afraid to ask! There will always be someone that can help even if its friends and teachers!