Ice Day

Enjoy and Celebrate

The Lost Industry in Iowa

Iowa used to have an ice industry. Every January workers headed out to harvest ice. The ice industry was a risky business because if you don't get enough ice, your food could be ruined! That would be horrible! There is no longer an ice industry, but we will celebrate the labor put into the ice industry!

Ice Day

Saturday, Jan. 2nd 2016 at 1-3am

Iowa, United States


We will celebrate by:

- Making Ice Sculptures

- Having a Snowball Fight

- Making Snowflakes Out of Paper

Extra Things to Know...

There will be...

- Ice Chandeliers

- Paper Snowflakes

- Sawdust on the Floor


- Icee's

- Snowflake Cookies

- Ice Cream

How to Celebrate...

- Go to the Park and Ice Skate

- Go to the Local Ice Cream Store and Eat Ice Cream

- Play with Friends and Go Sledding