Forensic Science Technician

"Crime Investigation" By: Nolan Bostwick Hour 4

Basic Information

- Examine crime scenes

- Identify physical evidence from crime scenes

- Work out in the field

- Study bodies in the lab

- Study blood

- Analyze body fluids

- Study fingerprints/impressions

- Trace evidence

- Examine drugs

- Recobstruct crime scenes with certain observations

Pros & Cons

Pro- interesting (for people who like this kind of stuff)

Pro- earn up to around $73,000 a year (good salary for a nice house and family)

Pro- safety of the police (protected by them)

Con- in harm of danger (at crime scene, something could got wrong)

Con- a lot of work (most of the time since you have many steps in finding the answer)

Con- work a lot of hours in a week (have to go and work sometimes in the middle of the night to investigate crime scene)

Needed to Succeed

High school- take anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics

College- Bachelors degree, chemistry minor, mathematics, public speaking, technical writing

Colleges-Can Attend

Carroll University


- instate (so you don't have to travel far)

- schooling with living good (so you can live on campus and have a good living space)

- not a huge university (so it's not overcrowded and have a comfortable time)


- number of boys and girls uneven (uncomfortable in a class with uneven with girls and boys)

-expensive (some families might not be able to afford it)

- only 299 graduates from school (not a high rate for graduates)

100 N East Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186

Marian University


- expensive (some can't afford)

- division 3 athletics (if you want to play sports in college, not a good team)

- girls to boys rate uneven (more girls than boys)


-70% of freshman return (come back, so must be good)

- smaller school (not so crowded and have space)

- instate (not far from where you live)

45 S National Ave, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

University of Oregon


- division 1 athletics (if you like sports this is a good place)

- 85% of freshman return (high rate of returning)

- on campus housing (good spacious area to live, and on campus so you don't live far)


- really expensive (may not be able to afford it especially if you don't live in state)

- out of state (far to travel and away from where you lived)

- boys to girls rate uneven (rate uneven so not comfortable in classes)

1585 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97403


American Academy of Forensics Sciences


- 504 College Dr, Albany, GA 31705

- 1-800-822-7267

American Board of Criminalists


- Palmetto FL 34220

- (no number)


Do you love to learn about what really happened at this crime scene, but also like working in a lab and out in the field, then a forensic science technician is for you. You need to know the natural sciences to do these things but as long as you know that you will be fine. What is interesting with this job is the amazing parts of analyzing human bodies and DNA, but also reconstructing the crime scene with test results and observations. For more information call 1-800-forensic


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