the stages of government

by: Ethan T.

Stage 1 primitive communism

A primitive communism is a hunting and gathering society. Karl Marx wasn't the only one to work on primitive communism. The person that helped him was Friedrich Engels. Both of them were influenced by Lewis Morgan"s novel about history and that is why they made their estimation of primitive communism. They fell apart because of private property, domestication, and agriculture.
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stage 2 Slave societies

A slave society is when people that own other people without paying them. Before the Romans became a slave society they were a farm/peasant for the war. In the slave society the farmers would be the people that got the slaves. The reasons that this society fell apart was ran out of the work force, ran out of slaves, and it was hard to maintain a big empire back then.
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stage 3 feudalism

Feudalism is where there is ranks to the government. Also the ranks are king-duke-knight-peasants Feudalism went as long as the 5th to the 12th. Feudalism is mainly applied to the early part of the stretch. The end of the stretch was the fall of feudalism. That happened because merchant messed up the ranks. Also they challenge the lords and dukes. Then, there was no wages because of serfs.
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stage 4 capitalism

Capitalism is were trade is in control by people private property. Capitalism is all over the word because of small minority classes. Also in Capitalism bigger countries take over littler ones for the resources. The reason that capitalism fell because the entire focus was on the employer not the employee Also that would make unrest in the working class so they might take control of the factories
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stage 5 socialism

Socialism is where people get want they need and that's it. Also it means that people can't take control of a resource or a place. The problem is that socialism is the first step to communism a practice. If it works then the left over piece of capitalism would be discarded.
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stage 6 communism

Communism is the perfect society some people say. The way it works in there is no government, laws or nation and you get what you need. and everyone works for everyone. Some countries say they are communism but they have government and money. Also,it would never happen because the states own all the jobs
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