Visual & Gustatory Imagery

J®. Øçãmpø & Śhęłtÿñ Øštwåłt


The definition of Imagery is "visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work.' But in my words i think Imagery is a type of description to help the readers feel like they are actually there so they can be in the story. I also think without Imagery the storys well become dull and boring and will ave no excitement in it.

Vįšúåł Įmãgęrÿ

Imagery is used in many different ways, but one of the ways it is used is, Visual. The reason is without sight in a poetry, you could never imagine or image what the poem would look like or play it in your head. Generating an image while reading requires that the reader be actively engaged with the text. Visual Imagery can also create mental images while reading, which can improve comprehension.

Gustatory Imagery

Gustatory imagery is words or pictures that make someone think of food or taste. An example of gustatory imagery is a picture of a chocolate cake or describing the taste of the cake in deep details, making you imagine and making you think you really are eating the cake but your really not.