Brutal Living Conditions

Alex Patkin: Professional Muckracker

Many dangerous and unhealthy living conditions

There are a lot of big families that are living in small, crowded tenement homes with little sanitation and dangerous health. In the houses, there was little to no fire protection. That means if a fire started, there was nothing to save the little children from the burning fire. They could easily burn to death. Also, they didn't have toilets or any other sewage treatment. This lead to many diseases that could kill innocent people. The people got diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. The crowded homes also had bad sleeping conditions, some people had to sleep on the floor. In the city, the poor people had a lack of transportation, meaning they had no buses or trains to get them around town. The kids had very little nutrition and not much fresh air.
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Follow Up

The government fixed these living problems by giving one toilet for every 20 people to help fix the sewage treatment problem. Also, they regulated fire escapes to protect and save everyone.