Gene Variation

Dori Fousek

Essential Knowledge

The chromosomal basis of inheritance provides an understanding of he pattern of passage. A) Rules of probability can be applied to analyze passage of single gene traits from parent to offspring

Student Language

The parents give different gene traits to offspring. Segregation and independent assortment of chromosomes result in genetic variation. Basically, stating the DNA codes for different inheritance patterns. The probability of an offspring's receiving a specific trait involves the parent genes.
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Academic vocab

v Allele- Form of a gene for each variation pf a trait of an organism.

v Genotype- Combination of genes in organism.

v Hybrid- Offspring formed by parents having different forms of a specific.

v Trait- Characteristic that is inherited, can be either dominant or recessive.

v Heredity- Passing on characteristics from parent to offspring.

v Phenotype- Outward appearance of an organism regardless of genes.

Importance of vocab words

All words named above will deal with genetics and the process of offsprings having gene differences from parents. Also the patterns of reproduction that involves the difference in traits.

Activity to learn objective

Students will take DNA sample from parents and offspring of species of frogs. The frogs will be held over a trey and students will wear gloves and have an Q-tip. The Q-tip will be swiped across the parent and the offspring of the frogs. Once swabbed, students will use DNA sample to use under a powerful microscope and see the genetic variation of the species and offspring.
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Multiple Choice Question

Which of the following in example of genetic variation?

A. Two children have different eye colors

B. One person is older then another

C. One person has a scar, but other does not

D. Rose eats meat while Autumn is a vegetarian

E. None of the above

The answer is A, this is because eye color is a trait inherited by parents to offspring, while the other answer choices where not.

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Free Response

If the mother of the family has blonde hair and the father has brown hair what is the probability that if they have three children they will all be born with blonde hair?



This question is only able to be answered with a Punnett square. These squares are able to see the gene variation and gene probability of the children and the relationship between the parents and there offspring. All the heterologous allies would all be dominant for the gene variation.

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Picture discription

The picture above demonstrates about the process of crossing over which all correlates with gene variation. It shows how the parents of the offspring all have a combination of there genes and make a offspring that is developed through parents traits. Such as the different colors all twist and bind together in to different segments to create a new non identical offspring.