Are You Fit

By Kailyn Moye

Are You a healthy eater

Do you eat junk food all day? Do you eat chips, sweets or snack? Well you should stop by eating some healthy food like fruits and vegtables.

You can eat healthier by adding some water or milk to your dinner or lunch. Stop drinking all those soda's and juices that don't have real fruit in them. You can eat a little sugar every now and then but not with every meal everyday. Eat healthier for a healthier you

Exercising Daily

Exercising is good for this is something you should do everyday once a day for at least 30 minutes. You can do a morning run, go to the park and take a walk with some friends, or go take a hike.

Exercising isn't hard you just have to get used to doing it. Once you do that it's as easy as pie. You'll be fit and healthy.

Emotionally Healthy

Are you emotionally healthy if your not there are ways you can get healthy. You can get healthy by always being friendly, making good decisions, and by never giving up.

You can help people get there by being there for them.

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