Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

By: Malka Drucker


This story occurred during the holocaust in WWII. Jacob was in the ghetto with some of his family until Alex came to the rescue. Alex saved Jacob by changing his name and changing his identity. through the expense of the story there were many close calls, many dangers. Jacob was one of the lucky ones who can say they survived. But Jacob didn't go through this easily, there were many challenges.

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Alex and Mela got the Righteous Among Nations for three brave actions. They housed and hid Jacob for many years, made him apart of their family. Then they aided him to a new location and aided his health. After that they temporary adopted him and cared for him. They where brave to do all of this.


"Don't worry about these Germans my son."

The meaning of this quote is the person who is saying this is to try to brighten the souls of their child.