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could video games help you

Could video games make you kinder?

This website article written by Victoria Woolaston is the complete opposite of what others say. Woolaston is saying that instead of creating violent persons, violent video games create more empathetic people. She says that by playing these violent video games the players felt more guilt than others who don't play video games. They also told that the most cruel and least compassionate players in games were the most compassionate in real life.

Book resource

Extra Lives

Extra Lives is a book written by Tom Bissel. Bissel is an avid gamer who, prior to writing the book, was ashamed to be a gamer. However, in Extra Lives, he explains how his passion for video games is not something to be ashamed of, but more of a lifestyle. He talks about how video games define a person. He also shows non-video game players what video games are like. He makes them realize that video games are gateway to do whatever someone wants.

Video games help surgeons sharpen skills

This ebsco article talks about how not all video games create wild uncontrollable people. They talked about how video games improve focus and also hand eye coordination.