Health Project 2016, By Nathan St. Pierre


If you have ever had a rash, imagine living with that the rest of your life. Eczema is a chronic skin disease that certain areas get effected and you get cracked, super dry skin that itches non-stop.
What is eczema?

Target Population

Eczema can infect anybody. Boys, girls, tall, short, young, and old. People infected usually start seeing symptoms at younger ages and see 1 symptom through adulthood. It's non-contagious and typically passed genetically.
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Usually skin is smooth, keeps water in and infections out. But with eczema, the Integumentary system doesn't function right. The skin is cracked. This can't keep water in, which leads to dry skin. It also can't keep diseases out which can effect the immune system.

Sypmtoms and Diagnosis

There are many symptoms to eczema. People have dry, cracked skin, rashes appear and itch constantly. Some people infected by eczema have trouble sleeping or concentrating because the itch is so obnoxious, that's all people want to do.


There are many ways that can cause a flare-ups in the skin. These flare ups itch immensely and hurt a lot. These can be cause by allergies, exposure to extreme heat or cold, scratching, inadequate levels of vitamin D sweating, and dry air.


Eczema is uncurable, but has many treatments. The normal treatments are things like over the counter ointments and antihistamines. Some people do ultraviolet therapy due to their inadequet levels of vitamin D. Some other people may take 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day


I have had eczema for 7 years now. It has not been a fun experience. I have had to go to dermatologist often. I used to have it so bad on the back of y knees, that sometimes i couldn't walk without my leg bleeding. I would have to sit out of gym class for that reason. I probably got it from my dad because he has it. I also have many friends who have it.