Monthly MOAHPERD Membership Newsletter

June-July 2017 Edition

MOAHPERD Membership Has Its Privileges

Happy summer days! June 1st marks the beginning of the fiscal year for Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. It also marks the beginning of the membership year (June 1st - May 31st). The MOAHPERD Executive Committee thanks you for being a past member and hopes that you will renew your membership for the upcoming year and continue to be active in our Association.

I remember first becoming a MOAHPERD member, as a college student back in 1988. I did not really know what the Association was all about, but I was convinced by my professors that being a professional meant doing more than just your teaching job. Being a HPE professional entailed staying on top of the latest trends, research, and best practices, by attending workshops/conventions, reading educational publications, and networking with other educators, especially those in the HPE profession. Most of all, they convinced me that a "true" professional was active in their professional organizations. I have remained committed to this expectation throughout my 28 years as a HPE teacher and administrator.

Most often HPE professionals believe that the only reason to become a member of their state Association is to attend the state convention in November. If this is your impression about the value of membership please let me have two minutes of your time and ask you to read the following.

List of benefits of being a MOAHPERD member:

  • Annual State Convention - As a member, you have the ability to attend our state convention which includes over 80 quality program sessions about professional practices and the latest trends in the HPE field. It is THE best bang for your buck for professional development for health and physical education teachers.
  • Professional Development Workshops - As a service to our members, MOAHPERD offers regional/district workshops at various locations around the state. These workshops are offered to members at very reasonable rates. MOAHPERD partners with the Missouri Regional Professional Development Centers offer one-day Quality Health and Physical Education workshops (See the Workshops folder within the Events menu on the website for 2018 information).
  • Professional Collaboration - MOAHPERD offers opportunities for collaborating with other HPE professionals around the state.
  • MOAHPERD Website - The member portal on the Association website is full of valuable resources for HPE professionals to utilize in promoting quality health and physical education programs, as well as school wellness programs. You can also view HPE job postings in districts and schools throughout Missouri.
  • MOAHPERD Publications - Members will be kept abreast of latest news, current best practices and pending legislative actions that impact the HPE profession, via the monthly electronic newsletters and the annual journal.
  • Leadership Opportunities - Only members have the opportunity to serve on the MOAHPERD Representative Assembly and/or standing committees.
  • MOAHPERD Award Nominations - Only members can be nominated as a Missouri Teacher of the Year or one of the other state awards. A list of MOAHPERD awards and their criteria are found in the Awards and Grants menu on the website.
  • Voice and Representation - Your membership dollars support advocacy efforts that provide HPE professionals an increased voice to shape policy and legislative action in Missouri, and to develop collegial relationships with educational and youth-serving associations and agencies.

Don't wait for the convention to become a MOAHPERD member. Join today for only $40 and start receiving your benefits now. Go to www.moahperd.org and click on the "Join" tab in the top menu.

Ron Ramspott

MOAHPERD President (2017)


American Heart Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart

Be a JRFH/HFH sponsor for your school. By being a sponsor and generating $2,000 or more, you will be eligible for FREE membership to SHAPE America and FREE equipment from US Games. When your American Heart Association Youth Market Director calls, respond by agreeing to sponsor an event. Contact your state coordinator, Kristi Bieri for more info.

MOAHPERD State Convention

Friday, Nov. 10th, 8am to Sunday, Nov. 12th, 10am

The Lodge of Four Seasons

List of Special Guests & Presenters:
  • Andy Milne (National Health TOY)
  • Mike Doyle (Central District Adapted PE TOY)
  • Scott Williams (National Dance TOY)
  • Jim Deline (US Games Keynote Presenter)

REGISTER TODAY AT www.moahperd.org



PE Superstar - Jim Deline - Will Present at State Convention

Jim Deline, an Elementary Health and Physical Education from Texas, will be one of our guest speakers at the 2017 Convention in November. Come see Jim present his keynote address on Friday night prior to Friday Night Game Night. See a YouTube video clip from Jim's physical education class below.
RPS Victory Lap

MOAHPERD Leadership Update

Executive Committee Members Plan for the Future

The MOAHPERD Executive Committee has been meeting over the summer to plan for the year(s) ahead. Our first meeting was June 14-15 in Columbia, MO for a leadership retreat and then July 15-17 in Medora, ND for the Central District Leadership Summit. Both events provided our group dedicated time to thinking deeply and developing strategies focused on how we better support our HPE professionals and Association members; advocate for physical education and health education programs; and develop healthy, active youth. We look forward to sharing with you our strategic plan for helping "GROW" our Association and our members.