Indian Brazilian

hair got a body like a benz


Everybody wanna have long hair that doesn't nap up like fake synthetic hair. So we buy some Brazilian hair from India for enjoyment it's very helpful for major events like prom and dances and its just like your hair you can wash it, style it, and more so i recommend Brazilian weave.

These are some Celebs with Brazilian blowouts


Most people think that only black people can where weave or extensions. It is actually most common in the African population but there are some other races that wear extensions. Its not a bad thing to wear weave or extensions its just for enjoyment. It doesn't matter if you're any color you can wear it. The only time when you out do a blowout is when you go to the extreme and do all kinds of crazy colors or crazy lengths. note that the lengths have to be very close number wise you cant do a 10 inch and a 5 inch it wouldn't look right maybe a 10 inch and a 9 inch and also if you do one then make sure that you put the longest at the bottom a layer it from long to short.
The Versatile Flip Over Sew In Tutorial
The Versatile Flip Over Sew In - Various Styles

Please do no do any of the following

you can add color

Before and After

The difference between Synthetic and Human Hair