Special Announcement!

There are no overdue books and no fines at this time!


At this time, there will be no "overdue" items and all fees are being waved.

We know many of you have received notifications (phone calls, emails, and texts) to say that your items are overdue. These are automated through our computer system and we cannot shut them off. We want our patrons to know that they are free to ignore those pesky overdue notices! Fines are being waived on all items being returned at this time, so no need to worry about those either!

When items are returned, they are quarantined for several days in order to protect our staff and our patrons. Items will still show up on your card during this time, but no worries! At the end of the quarantine period, the items will be checked in and cleared from your card.

We apologize for any inconvenience and worry that the overdue notices may be causing.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call the Library at (309) 523-3440 or reply to this email.

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