Alzheimer's disease

By Mohamad. D

About the disease

Alzheimer's mainly affects people over 65. Some symptoms are memory loss, death, and just everyday things. Alzheimer's is mainly caused by age. Other causes are family history, and sometimes diet, and environment. Almost anyone can be a candidate, but it is mostly people over 60

Other details about the disease

There are tests but they are very basic. Tests consist of speech, memory, and other daily things. It still remains unclear how the disease is inherited, but it does mostly consist of family history, and age. There are medical treatments such as active medical management. Further assistance will not be needed for children. This disease cannot be prevented.

Who has Alzheimer's

Kids and young adults cannot get Alzheimer's. Usually when diagnosed with Alzheimer's nothing changes but mostly the ability to carry out simple everyday tasks. The current status on Alzheimer's is that scientists are learning more and more everyday but what causes the disease is unknown. So far there is no cure for Alzheimer's. Those who decide to have offspring can pass down the disease to their offspring.


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