Kings Canyon

Located in Mid-Eastern California

The Kings Royal Facts

  • Largest remaining grove of sequoias
  • 3,100 acres of land
  • Kings Canyons future was in doubt of becoming a national park
  • Agreement was settled in 1965
  • Depth of canyon (8,200 feet)
  • Carved by glaciers
  • Valley includes forests,meadows, and Kings River
  • Known as a rival to Yosemite
  • Depth of canyon decreases as river flows west
  • Founder was John Muir
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I think my park should get funding because there are many valuable resources. It is also the largest "natural" sequoia grove, so we must keep it in tact for people to have a chance to see it. It would also help to keep the exhibits open for learning about the national park. It may protect ruins from ancient times that can be very valuable and maybe even make some history out of it. The park is a home to animals and the park helps to protect those animals from going extinct or endangered. This is why I believe that my park should get funding.