Where would you want to go?

By: Maria Virga

New Hampshire

Crime: For every 1,000 people there is about 25 crimes.

Climate (Average temperature in each season): Winter- 34.5 degrees Fahrenheit, Spring- 67 degrees Fahrenheit, Summer- 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and Fall- 59 degrees Fahrenheit

Economy: Good, tourism is the leading industry

Tax: High property tax but no sales or income tax

Jobs: 5% of people in NH are unemployed.

Schools: The 10 best in the country

Sports: Snowboarding and Skiing

Average Income: (2010) $63,277

Average Property Value: $207,300

Activities: Hiking, car races, the beach, biking trails, swimming, etc.


Crime: For every 1,000 people there is only 24 crimes.

Climate: Summers are cool and winter are warm if you live by the cost. If you don't the weather is like NH long winters and cool summers.

Economy: A bulk of money with service industries

Tax: Income tax is 5%, property tax 5.2%, sales tax: 6.35% (Although jobs pay more in CT)

Jobs: 7.9% of people in CT are unemployed

Schools: Has been commanded on it educational achievements

Sports: Soccer and hiking

Average Income yearly: $69,519

Average Property Value: $236,000

Activities: Science center, zoo, Foxwoods , Mohegan Sun, Mystic Aquarium

Ontario, Canada

Crime: 5,689 crimes per 100,000 people

Climate: Spring-8 degrees Celsius, Summer- 20 degrees Celsius, Fall-10-15 degrees Celsius, Winter-0 degrees sometimes and sometimes -30 degrees Celsius

Economy: They get most of there money by lumber and mining minerals

Tax: Property- 4.5% (will rise if your house increases in price) Sales-4% income- 5.05%

Jobs: 7.9 % people are unemployed

Schools: Are good

Sports: Ice Hockey and Curling

Average Income: $73,290

Property Values: A medium house is 298,500 U.S. dollars.

Activities: Thousand Islands, Ottawa, Niagara Falls

All Three Places

New Hampshire is a great place to live, there is a ton of things to do from skiing in the winter, to hiking up in Mt. Monadnock in the summer. The crime rate is low and it's not expensive to live here. Although the winters are long a cold and for me that's enough to go somewhere else. I knew that Canada is like New Hampshire, as in the weather is cold most of the year and I probably wouldn't want to live there because of that. In Connecticut it is cold but not as cold as Canada and New Hampshire is during the winter, and the summers aren't that hot either. I used to live in Connecticut and I loved it there, and I have a lot of family there. This state has the same crime rate as New Hampshire, and has a higher income rate , so for me this state is better to live in than Canada and New Hampshire is.