Welcome to 2016!

Hard to Believe We're Almost Halfway with the School Year

Time to Get Back to Work

I hope everyone had a nice holiday break and was able to spend some quality time with your family and friends. I've run into several of you this weekend and you appeared ready for the children to head back to school. The first couple of days may be a bit of a challenge, so I will do what I can to ease them back into the daily routine. We will have TFK and new word study this week. With only 2 weeks left in the nine weeks, we will be finishing up our country research and making sure all of our assignments are complete. Please check in with your child as to the state of their research/writing. They will be bringing their writing home this week for you to read. Please do not make any edits with them! This is our focus for the remainder of the quarter.

Math Midyear Next Week

As we took the reading midyear before break, we will take the math midyear next week in our math classes. Unlike the reading midyear, the math midyear covers only what we have learned so far this year. As a result, we do take this as a grade for math.

After we receive the okay from the central office, I will be sending home the reading midyear results in the Monday folder. I do not share these with the students. If you would like to do so, that is up to you. Overall, I was extremely pleased with their results. From the reading perspective, they did very well with the content. From a test-taking view, they were outstanding! They took their time, checked their work, and were respectful of others still taking their test.

Holiday Party Extravaganza

A special thanks to Jeanie Alexander for coming up with the ideas for the holiday party. I have included some of the photos for your enjoyment!