Save the Wetlands!

By Brie Hibbert


The Wetlands are very important because they reduce the impacts of floods. Also, Wetlands are very important because they are homes to many endangered animals. Also, they are a critical part of our natural environment. Wetlands Hold water like a sponge. Wetlands are very important to animals because most of them can't find anywhere else to live. And most wetlands are replaced with home or malls and that can make a huge impact on our environment. The Wetlands can take chemicals out of the water to make it safer for us to drink. They protect river banks and shorelines from washing away. Did you know that the wetlands purify our AIR and water!!!! That's why the wetlands are so important to our environment!!!!!


In the wetlands, there are many different types of animals and plants. Such as invertebrates which are Thing that lives all or some part of their life's under water like mosquitoes and dragonflies! Amphibians such as frogs and salamanders. Reptiles," water snakes. Also mammals "Like muskrats! The wetlands provide habitats for lots of plants and animals!! The types of plants are Cattails, Arrowroots. Also some less familiar plants such as Carnivorous sundews! That's why it is really important to not get rid of all of the wetlands!!!!! Because there are so many plants and animals that live there and can't live anywhere else. So help these plants and animals!!!

What would happen if we did not have Wetlands

The Wetlands help stop floods. So if we don't have Wetlands it's a huge hazard for floods. The loss of Wetlands will mean those animals and plants that used to live there will have no place to live. And then soon if people keep turning wetlands into parking lots and malls most of the animals will be extinct! Also, the Wetlands make our Water safer for us to Drink! So if we did not have wetlands our water would not be that safe for us to drink. And that is a BIG hazard for our body's. Because if the water is dirty and we keep drinking it because we have to stay hydrated soon our body's and the environment will not be healthy. Because we don't have wetlands. That's why it's super important to take care of the wetlands!!!!!

What is a wetland? What types of Wetlands are there?

There are 5 types of Wetlands.The types of Wetlands are, BOG,FEN.SWAMP,MARSH AND OPEN SHALLOW WATER. There are fresh water and salt water mashes. Bogs can only be fresh water and gets most of it water from the rain. Swamps are interesting because trees, flowers and shrubs are under water. In swamps most of the animals live under water. Wetlands are low-lying areas of land covered by water long enough to support aquatic plants and wildlife fro part of their life cycle. Wetlands are a pieces of land that is either wet all year or only half the year. They have many animals, plants and insects and the help our world a lot. Wetlands may support both aquatic and terrestrial species. In the wetlands their are lots of plants and animals.

Parts of a wetland!

Parts of a wetland are the aquatic zone riparian area and the upland habitat.

AQUATIC ZONE- The aquatic zone usually has a spongy bottom, made from moss,dirt,mud or algae. If you are lucky sometimes, in more tropical areas there will be waterlily's on the top surface, waterlily's are good hiding places for frogs. The water is usually warmer on the bottom, because when the temperature gets trapped in the water it expands on the bottom.

RIPARIAN AREA-definition of riparian area is the interface between land a stream or a river. Plant habitats and communities along the river margins and banks are called riparian area. Also the riparian area is the plants on the rim of the water like the cattails a long grass.

UPLAND Habitat- Upland habitat is the dry habitat along the sides of a wetland. That has trees bushes and lots more! The upland habitat is hoe for lots of animals. How the wetland habitat works is, if you plant trees shrubs and other vegetation that provide cover and food that will attract wildlife. The upland habitat provides food and shelter for many types of animals, insects and birds.

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Africa has the most Wetlands out of all the countries and contents!

What can you do to help!

You can help wetlands by being more carful with your actions, but one of the most important thing is to educate people about them. Because if you know all the good the things they do to help us you will not want to harm them. If you think about it wetlands are living(kind of) and the help save our world. We need to be tankful that we even have wet land so we need to take care of them. Some ways are being responsible for your actions not using our need to destroy them. With out wetlands we would flood a lot. And we would have an over population of animals, because wetlands are there home, and we have to share our world with them. And not be so greedy to take it all for our selves. Also another way to help is to, encourage others to help too, and to talk to builders about not getting rid of the Wetlands, because if you get ride of all the wetlands overtime all the endangered things will be gone. That is why we need to help save the Wetlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!