Lifting Jack

Hydraulic Project By: Inshya & Avneet

Materials needed to build

You will need a Glue Gun, Popsicle Sticks, Copper Wire, Cardboard, Dowels, Syringes, Plastic Tubing, Foam Cubes, Pliers, Exact-O-Knife, Scissors and some type of board for the base.

How it Works

Water is injected through the syringes to the piping causing pressure and tension on the dowel forcing the Popsicle sticks to rise bringing the weight on top with it and taking it to the next level.

Reflection and Challenges Faced

We learned a lot about pressure and how it helps in our daily lives. We learned that even though there are many different components of this lifting jack, it works together to move as one. The challenge we faced was that our lifting jack wouldn't lift up straight, it would end up going up slanted causing the weight to fall over. We solved this problem by having a level/ basket that the lifting jack could drop the weight/ object onto making it perform a job. The lifting jack was originally supposed to just go up and down but because of 1. It was going slanted and 2. The syringe wouldn't send back the pressured water to have it go back down by itself. These are the challenges we faced. In conclusion, we are happy with the job that our project performs even with all the challenges we had to face and solve.