The Lost Boy

By David Pelzer

About The Book

The book The Lost Boy, by David Pelzer is an inspiring book about the unforgettable account of one of the worst child abuse cases in the history of California. Now David has left his living hell he called "The House" and has a brand new foster mother and father and a Therapist whom he calls Mrs. Gold. He has brand new foster parents and a brand new family. Is David over with his mom or is she plotting when to strike her revenge.
"Stories of Child Abuse with Dave Pelzer" Video Clip from Kids' Rights

David Pelzer

David Pelzer was the second born child out of five siblings and was born and raised in San Francisco by His Mom and Dad. As a young child he was constantly abused by his alcoholic and mentally deranged mother. The horrible abuse almost took David's life on several occasions. It wasn't until he was 12 his teacher stepped in and placed in in foster care. Social services deemed David's abuse cases the most horrendous and gruesome of all reported cases of that time in California. Pelzer was relocated to many foster homes until he enlisted in the air force at the age of 18.