Mrs. Dufresne's Second Grade

March 23rd - 28th, 2015

Curriculum Notes

In the Reading anthology, we are entering a new theme called "Family Time". This week we will be reading "Brothers and Sisters" and focusing on making generalizations while reading.

In Math, we are solving multi-step problems using a bar graph, using comparison bars to solve 2-digit problems and a focus on mathematical practices.

Our science focus for the next few weeks is "All About the Weather". We will be studying weather, weather changes, and the water cycle.

Important Dates and Information

April 3rd and 6th - Spring Break!

Friday, April 10th - Seussival, more information to come!

April 22nd - Staff Professional Development - Half Day Release

We have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays - please make sure they have good PE shoes on those days!

Spelling Words

Skills: -er

List A - flower, water, under, over, better, sister, brother, mother, father, after

List B - other, center, writer, shower, another, baker, shiver, river, teacher, doctor

Lis C - answer, bakery, manager, climber, teenager, quarter, author, daughter, hamburger, servant