Identity Theft

Doug Howard

What is Identity Theft?

This occurs when someone takes and uses a persons ID, credit, or account info wrongfully. this can be wrongfully obtained many ways in the daily activities. They access it by Diverting mail, Dumpster diving, skimming, or just stealing. Also, they can steal it using Phishing, pretexting, spyware, and hacking.

Ways to stop it

Protecting your social security number and financial information by making sure that the person you buy from is trustworthy enough. Make sure your wallet/ purse is in a place that is safe and not easy to get to. Never carry your social security number around. Make sure that you are careful on the internet, and do not enter personal info into a website that is not trustworthy. Keep password and usernames safe and select hard passwords. Constantly check credit reports and make sure nobody is tampering with your credit card.