Highlights from our Day at MSU

#MSUrbanSTEM Gathers for a Day of Collaborative Learning

#MSUrbanSTEM Face to Face

Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 8:30am-4pm

620 Farm Lane

East Lansing, MI

Beronda Montgomery Kicks Off the World of Wonder

Beronda Montgomery is a Foundation Professor at Michigan State University in the departments of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Microbiology/Molecular Genetics. Dr. Montgomery's laboratory explores how certain life forms such as plants and cyanobacteria have constrained versatility, yet can conform to changes in their outer surroundings. Thank you for inspiring a bit of wonder in all of us!

Eric Hunter Shares His Wonder

Dr. Hunter is Associate Chair of the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders. In addition, he serves as Chair of the College Advisory Council. Throughout the previous 15 years, Dr. Hunter has looked into occupational voice use, particularly analyzing voice disorders in elementary and secondary teachers. Thanks for the inspiration of wonder!


Our fellows each shared their amazing teaching moment to collectively publish Amazing Stem. Congratulations fellows on your first #MSUrbanSTEM professional publication. Get your digital copy here.

And...we reflected, while exploring lasers and targets!

We had some pretty excited fellows when it came time to "play" with lasers. The fog machine set the tone as the fellows work together using mirrors and a laser to reflect their way through a maze and directly to the bullseye! It was intense! The video below was created by the magical Candace Marcotte as she captured the moments of reflection.
#MSUrbanSTEM Group 2 Laser Reflections

Computational Thinking with Jon Good

A very special thanks to Jon Good for sharing his knowledge in computational thinking. Fellows visited computational thinking stations exploring the use of algorithm decomposition, simulation, data collection and more. Our thinking caps were definitely ON!

Activities Woven Within

Of course the day included a quickfire challenge, sketchnotes, surveys, leadership activities, robots and lunch on campus. It was an amazing day at Erickson Hall. We appreciate the hard work of our #MSUrbanSTEM fellows and the instructional staff. And of course, we had the perfect ending to our day...The MSU Fight Song!