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Important People of The American Revolution By Juvonni Headd

Elijah Clarke

Elijah Clarke was born in Georgia in 1742. He later became a captin and received a wound from fighting against Creek Raiders. He was supporting the kings government , but then became a Patriot. In February of 1779 he led a charge in the rebal victory at Battle of Kettle Creek. Elijah Clarke died on December 5th in 1799. Now Clarke County is named after himbecause of his service in the American Revolution.

Austin Dabney

Austin Dabney was the only African American to receive a land grant from the state of Georgia for his outstanding job in the American revolution war. Born a slave who later on became a Private in Georgia's Militia. He fought against the British during the Revolutionary war. He died in 1834. After the war a lot of people did not want to gain his share of land because he was African American.