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”THIS DAY IN HISTORY” Provides 7th graders with challenges

By Linnea D.

BLUE EARTH- Mr Olson, 7th grade history teacher, is the creative mind behind “This Day in History.” Olson uses a web site to find answers daily historical events which he turns into questions for his students to answer in a trivia-style game between 7th grade core groups. Olson says he likes to do this day in history because he gets to share with the class about the past. He likes to talk about people from the Civil War and the crazy things that have happened in history. He also enjoys helping the classes learn more about interesting events from the past that other teachers don’t really get a chance to talk about.Second core is in the lead, winning this day in history for the right answers and points.

BEA Speech Team Experience and Honors activities at Worthington High School

The speech team has fun groups and activities that you get to join you don’t have to be in front of a huge crowd, according to coach Michelle Ehlers. “It gives you time to show the world how you can have the courage to speak in front of other people.”

During tournaments, students compete with others in a room three times in hopes to advance to a final round. During the speech season “You get to feel important and comfortable,” says Ehlers.

There are 13 categories that students can choose from in speech, and they travel to other schools. 20 kids in grades 7-12 this year. Brady B., Maygan C. and Sophie O. are just a few of the competitors.

Members of the team are all smiling and striking a pose while Mrs. Ehlers takes their photo with Coach ingrid.

Spring sports

The spring sports are begging their seasons.

Practices for the spring sports during the school week are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Talk to your coaches about additional practices.