Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice

Created by Reid Herndon

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

The ball at Meryton is important to the structure of the novel because it brings the two couples, Darcy and Elizabeth, Bingley and Jane, altogether for the first time. Interestingly enough, it can be noted Austen’s original title for the novel was First Impressions. These individuals’ first interaction at the ball foreshadows the importance of these 4 characters, and the love that molds and changes from their first impressions of one another.

I chose this song because it acts as an explanation of how when people are in love, there's no way of explaining it or masking it, it's about love that's just meant to be . It defies all barriers or restrictions , and will eventually play out as destined.


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White Liar by Miranda Lambert

Wickham and Elizabeth find themselves in conversation, and she hears his story: he had planned on entering the ministry, rather than the militia, but was unable to do so because he lacked money. Darcy’s father, Wickham says, had intended to provide for him, but Darcy used a loophole in the will to keep the money for himself.

Elizabeth, who instinctively likes and trusts Wickham, accepts his story immediately. Later in the evening, while she is watching Mr. Collins, Wickham tells her that Darcy is Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s nephew. He describes Lady Catherine as “dictatorial and insolent.” Elizabeth leaves the party thinking of nothing “but Mr. Wickham, and what he had told her, all the way home.” She decides that Darcy deserves nothing but contempt.

I chose this song because it is about a woman who is deceived, putting trust into someone who puts his own conveniences about the narrator's genuine faith in the "liars" reliability.


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Judge Not by Bob Marley

Mrs. Reynolds’s glowing descriptions of Darcy continue the process of breaking down Elizabeth’s initial prejudice against him. As Mrs. Reynolds reveals a hidden side of Darcy, Elizabeth realizes how incorrect she was about him. Elizabeth's visit to Pemberley is the commencement of her realization that she harshly judged Mr. Darcy.

I chose this song because it is about how often we misjudged others, and how this makes us miss opportunities towards achieving ultimate happiness.


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Dream on by Aerosmith

Lady Catherine is the last of the many obstacles facing the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s confrontation with her marks Elizabeth's finest moment. This encounter crystallizes the tensions that their difference in social status has created. Elizabeth demonstrates the enduring strength of her will and self-respect. Despite Lady Catherine's grit to keep the two from marrying, Elizabeth stands up for what she believes in, and that being their love for each other.

I chose this song because it is about how if you love something, you must fight for it. Essentially it is saying that the idea of having belief in something greater than oneself should be enthused and encouraged.



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