iPad Class - Digital Storytelling

Keynote and Paper slide and iMovie, Oh my!

Opening Forum

  • Questions of the Week
  • Share Projects (iMotion)
  • How can we use iMotion/Trailers in the classroom?
  • How can we take iMotion/Trailers to another level and teach above the line?
  • Photos Presentation/Discussion

    Create a folder of pictures in your photos app.

    Present a story about the pictures you have on your device.

    If you do not have personal photos, go to Google and save related photos.

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    Keynote Activity

    How well do you know your planets?

    Self paced activity. Read the directions and see how you could do!

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    • How could you create a similar activity for your students like this?
    • What was the most valuable part of this activity?
    • How is your confidence of moving through the iPad compare to before the class?

    Plickers Activity

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    Paper Slide Videos

    • This is another use of video to use for instruction
    • What do you need to build a Paper Slide Video?
    • How could you use this form in your classroom?
    How to make a Paper Slide Video
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    Dinner Break

    iMovie Instruction

  • How can we use it to teach a concept?
  • How can we use it to hook our students?
  • How does it enable us to teach above the line?
  • Any ideas to use in your classroom?
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    iMovie Reflection

    • What are the benefits/drawbacks to using iMovie instead of Trailers?

    • What must you include when creating an iMovie to make it smooth in the classroom?

    • How does iMovie represent Digital Storytelling?