Social Media Censorship

Dennis, Brady, Justin, Tyler, Dylan

Should Social Media prevent us from sharing controversial news?

Not too long ago, ISIS released a video that contained graphic images of a prisoner being burned alive in a cage. Due to this graphic material, Twitter took action and shortly banned Twitter accounts that posted the video. We think that companies like Twitter and Instagram should not ban videos that contain current news topics, especially topics that could alert someone about an important issue.

Pros and cons of social media

  • Information travels faster
  • Can be used to alert people of different things
  • Can be used to communicate with friends


  • It can censor out important information
  • Inappropriate material can sometimes show up in your feed
  • Some kids below the age limit use social media and see things not suited for their age

Are companies like Twitter and Facebook right for blocking certain content?

Yes, we beleive that certain content should be blocked because some of that material does not contain any information, such as nudity.

How should Facebook and Twitter handle restricting certain content?

We think that these companies should use certain filters to determine if the controversial content is legitimate, or simply inappropriate. They could achieve this by checking if the questionable tweet or Facebook post has a link to a news source or something similar.

Should any and all information be withheld from users?

Yes, because some content is just simply inappropriate, and does not convey any sort of message or important information.