Stylish kitchen pottery

By: Xavier Johnson/ Sole proprietorship

Business hours:

Mon-Fri: 9:00 Am - 7:30 Pm

sat: 8:00 Am - 2:00pm

Close sun , holidays

We make all your house hold needs Pots, cups, spoons and forks ect.

Why i choose this business

I choose pottery in high school starting with pottery class and i have always liked to working with my hands. I realized that i really loved making pots and cups and thought i would make a business out of it. some of the disadvantages is that people want glass in there house in stead but we make things look stylish and it is hard so it won't break.

Below: some of my work.

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non/lobor unions

We have non/labor unions because we have a small work space and everyone is allowed to speak the mind in the business. this works because there are very few of us in the store and we all respect and love each other.


We are Green

The way we go green is we use any thing that we can to make the pottery colorful and attractive so we mite use paper we use glass and even would in some cases.All of our pottery is all natural. we also almost never throw away pottery because i can be harmful to the environment.