The 6 Traits Of Writing

Sydney Raye Jayne


  1. Choose a special topic you under stand good and it fits your assignment!!!
  2. You absolutely need Details,Facts,Statistics,Examples,and Thoughts/Feelings.


  • Topic,is green.
  • Main Ideas, are yellow.
  • Details, are pink or red.
  • And The Conclusion,is green also.
  • Don't forget colored notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets Hear Your Voices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Speak proud and engaging voice.
  2. Show rather than tell.

Word CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Use fantastic word choices to make it fun!!!!!!!!

Let your reader enjoy some interesting new words!

Sentence Fluency

  1. Combine short choppy sentence into long sentences.
  2. Use simple compound and complex sentences as well.


Definitely use COPS.
  • C Capitalization
  • O Overall Appearance
  • P Punctuation
  • S Spelling
Also use an evaluation sheet.

Steps of the Writing Process

Watch 1:14 to 2:21

the only 2 things the video didn't cover are Brainstorming,and Evaluation.

Brainstorming,is trying to find ideas to make a writing easement.

Evaluation, is a sheet you fill out to see if you have short or long sentences

T-tables & Topic sentences

A T-table is the colored notes.Its part of organization.In a paragraph you need 1 topic sentence (green is for the topic sentence).

Transitions & Big Ideas

You need certain words or keys to make your big ideas more interesting.You will need 4 big ideas in a paragraph(big ideas are yellow).The big ideas need one transition word in your big idea sentences.

Details/Tell Me Mores

After the big ideas you have details about your big ideas(details are pink or red).The conclusions are wrapping up your paragraph(conclusions are green).