Mr. Knapp

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Contact Information

4078352300 ext. 6092209

Room 132

First days procedures

1. Login to google chrome browser on your laptop- This will give you access to google apps and make it easier to save your work.

2. Click on this link to complete this google form


This course will provide students with an understanding of the way in which society organizes its limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants. Students will be introduced to the major characteristics of the mixed market economic systems in the U.S. and how basic economic questions are answered.


Curriculum will be provided via Orange County Virtual School online model.


All grades will be posted and recorded in the FLVS system. Progress book will be used only for attendance and issuing progress reports and 9 week grades. 100% of FLVS assignments must be completed. Weekly assignments not completed by the date provided on the pace chart will be recorded as a 0, until they are completed.

Attendance and makeup policy

The school attendance policy will be enforced. Tardy is considered not being in your desk when the bell rings. Make up work will only be given for excused absences.

Class Rules

1. You are responsible in all ways for your laptop- make sure it is kept safe and know what content is on it.

2. Arrive to class on time- Be in your seat when the late bell rings

3. Treat everyone in the room, and their materials with respect

4. Food and drink need to be consumed or put away before entering the classroom

5. Be positive

Acknowledgment form

Helpful websites:

1. (graph builder)

2. (economic videos)

3. (reference)

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