Saginaw ISD

Kathy L. Stewart, Superintendent (989) 249-8700


TO: MAISA Region IV ISD Superintendents

FROM: Kathy Stewart, Scott Sawyer, and Rebekah Hornak

DATE: April 8, 2016

SUBJECT: Section 95a Educator Evaluation Regional ISD Staffing Grant

Greetings ISD colleagues. First, SISD wishes to extend best wishes to Clare Gladwin RESD for the upcoming CTE millage. You are inspiring those of us serving Saginaw County to move forward with planning our own future millage. Thanks for showing us the way.

With the looming deadline for the Section 95a Educator Evaluation Regional ISD Staff Grant, the three of us put our heads together to come up with a couple of scenarios to serve our region. Because all of us are so busy, I am thinking that we might have to meet online to make some decisions in order to ensure that the $180,000 available is secured for our region--or just read through this and give SISD the green light! After choosing a plan for utilizing the funds, Saginaw ISD volunteers to submit the grant application on behalf of the region.

Please read through these proposals and weigh in:

1) 1.0 FTE Educator Evaluation Consultant*. This consultant would serve MASA Region IV. They would begin with auditing the status of educator evaluation in each of our ISDs; plan learning opportunities and experiences based on each ISD's needs; facilitate collaboration across ISD lines; and move the region forward with the vision of being on the forefront of a fair, effective performance evaluation system for all educators.

Salary range: $70,000 - $80,000; FICA/Retirement/LTD/Insurance - $46,000 - 50,000; mileage - 10,000 miles at 0.54 = $5,400; $44,600 - $58,600 for professional development experiences across the region.

*SISD raises a hand to coordinate the application and interview process for the position and would include representation from all partner ISDs. SISD also agrees to serve as the employer and will assume the in kind costs for this service and not charge any indirect fees to the grant.

2) Disperse the $180,000 across the region by student count:

Bay Arenac - $38,673

Clare Gladwin - $16,667

Gratiot Isabella - $30,707

Midland - $28,683

Saginaw - $65,269

SISD would still coordinate the grant application process, but each ISD would be responsible for their own reporting and assurances.

Take a bit of time to consider the two options or provide another suggestion. Because the grant application is due April 29 there is not a lot of time for planning. Please let SISD know by Wednesday, April 13 if you prefer one of the two scenarios above or have another one you wish to propose. We look forward to hearing from each ISD. Have a great weekend.
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