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What is it?

Powtoon is a simple animation app, including the style where a hand manipulates characters to a screen and hand-writes the text (think Creative Commons animations). Could be used primary and secondary. Web-based so OK on most platforms but uses Flash so not iPads.

It would make a nice alternative to PowerPoint for presentations and gives kids a chance to create multimodal texts.

Exciting news...


The paid version (now being offered free) obviously has advantages.

You need to sign up to get the free version first, then upgrade and make sure you look for "education" version. Once in "education" you will see the $96 classroom version.

Use coupon code classroom2015


National Independent Schools Online PL (TtEDSC)

  • Are you interested in Free Excursions?
  • But the paper work and logistics to take a class out creates an extra workload.
  • What if you could have virtual tours for your class without leaving the classroom?

What is TtEDSC?

TtEDSC FREE online PL facility is available for EVERY TEACHER, they just need to register.

Some excursions coming up:

Virtual Excursions – classroom events

Up Close and Palaeo Junior – (Repeat 6)

Wednesday, 16th September 2015 10:00AM – 11:00AM Time (ACT, NSW, Victoria)


Discussions about Homelessness and Disadvantage – Session 1

Wednesday, 16th September 2015 12:25PM-1:25PM Time {ACT, NSW, Victoria)


Discussions about Homelessness and Disadvantage – Session 2

Wednesday, 16th September 2015 3:15PM-4:15PM Time {ACT, NSW, Victoria)


How do i join?

Register and obtain a login at: http://www.ttedsc.edu.au/Pages/SiteRegistration.aspx

Registered participants obtain an AITSL compliant participation certificate.

Sessions are delivered on the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing platform.

<http://www.ttedsc.edu.au/Platform/Pages/presentation_network.aspx> for full details.

Anyone from an Australian Independent schools can access sessions and recordings. They just need to be registered.


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