Trepa Times

Week thirty-seven

Indiana Jones Week!

Just a reminder that it's Indiana Jones Week in PE this week. Students will come directly to the classroom at 8:10 all week, due to the set up in the gym.

Staff Meeting

Our last staff meeting will run a bit like a mini-ed camp. We will start out together, as I need to share with you an opportunity to participate in the "Well Managed Classroom" study. After that, you will choose which sessions you wish to attend. They include:

What Have You Read Lately? Discussion led by Nicky Stevenson

In this session, Nicky will share a professional book she read called The Book Whisperer. The remaining time will be spent sharing titles and content of books that have enhanced your teaching or helped you look at teaching or methodologies differently.

Manipulatives: Tools vs. Toys: Discussion led by Marty Beck

In this session, Marty will share how to utilize manipulatives as tools for learning. This is a K-5 conversation and is NOT just for the primary grades.

Top Ten Professional Resources for Literacy: Discussion led by Kaye Meyers

Kaye will share her Top 10 go-to resources when looking for best practices in literacy and then lead a discussion for those in attendance to share their go-to resources.

Creativity in the Classroom: Discussion led by Christine Walker

Christine will share her take-aways from the Art Convention in Chicago. Here's what she has to say about her session. "My presentation will include things I took away from the Art Convention in Chicago. I will share primarily about the importance of creativity in the classroom and there's a short bonus video on how to make your kids smarter! Please come and join me!"

There may be another choice or two by the time we meet on Monday. If we do, they will be shared at the meeting. We will have to start right at 3:30 in order to have enough time for three rotations. So, if you do not have duty, please be in the library by 3:30, as I will begin the first presentation promptly. Those with duty, will be able to be filled in by colleagues the portion they miss. The schedule will be as follows:

3:30 The Well Managed Classroom

3:45 Presentation of Choices and movement to second rotation

3:50 Second Rotation begins

4:10 Third Rotation begins

4:30 End

Tune Up Tuesday

Our tune-up Tuesday is cafe this week.

Grade level meetings

I will be stopping in on your grade level meetings this week to share with you next year's specials schedule and class lists. The purpose of sharing the schedule will be to have you pick when you want your designated PLC time. The class lists are in draft form and need your input before finalizing them!

Staff Recognition on Tuesday

On Tuesday, we will be recognizing staff that have been with the district for 1, 5, 10 and 15 years. We will say good-bye to those that are not returning next year. We will also honor Lynne on her retirement! We will gather at 3:30 in the library. Come join the fun!

Duty Schedule

Gym: Indiana Jones

Bus: Jimmerson

Pick Up: Chitty

Crow Creek: Bridges/Milburn

Julie's Schedule


8:30 Parent mtg.

9:55 5th grade team mtg.

2:00 Speech IEP

3:30 Staff Meeting

5:00 SIAC mtg.


8:45 2nd grade team mtg.

9:45 1st grade team mtg.

10:15 Eval mtg.

12:00 Core mtg.

3:30 Staff Recognition


Early Release

8:00 Eval mtg.

11:45 Eval mtg.


7:45 BDT mtg.

8:30 Mtg. w/Beth Douglas

9:45 3rd grade team mtg.

10:45 4th grade team mtg.

12:45 Recess Duty

1:00 Coaches mtg.

1:45 kindergarten team mtg.

3:30 IEP


9:00 Eval mtg.

10:45 Eval mtg.

3:30 Crow Creek duty