What is New to PBIS at LBES

1. Updated Bulletin Board displaying our Longhorns being Leaders.

2. Clip Chart in the Cafeteria.

a. For every clip up you get a compliment. Please check when picking up kids and listen on announcements.

b. Review Cafeteria Procedures with your kids. Alot of kids using the restroom, I know you are going but not all are going please encourage kids to go before lunch. We will never keep a kid from going but help with keeping track of kids and where they are located.

3. Longbranch Leaders (Names displayed on window down gym hallway).

a. These awards are given once a month and names will be recognized over the announcements, given a certificate then group picture taken to display on website.

Classroom management videos

Video 1- Harry Wong

VIdeo 2- Video shows what happens when you are not organized, poor time management, unecessary power struggle and then how to manage these three things in your classroom

Harry Wong: Discipline and Procedures
Staying Calm: A Classroom Management Strategy

Extra Degree Compliment Winner 2nd Quarter, Mrs. Salmens Class with 73 Compliments!!!