Digital citizenship

Gavin B.


Instagram is a app that people use for looking at pictures and texting.

Also instagram is a big texting app that many people use

And its the same with facebook and twitter.

Social Media

Facebook is a texting app.

People use facebook for texing and looking at pictures.

Many adults use facebook more than children.

But still adults have to be safe to.


Twitter is a big digital citizenship app.

And you can text to other people.

Twitter is usedmore for texting.

Share jumper

Share jumper is a game were you can decide what is OK and what is not.

Because many people say things that later they wish they didn't say mean things to people.


evolve helps you learn new things on the internet.

Also it helps with looking up proper things you wanted.

Evolves purpose is to help people understand more things on the internet.

search shark

search shark is a game were it helps you be a better search person.

Because many people who are searching need to be specific wen there typing.


twakers is a game were it helps you do to things at once.

Because many people drive wile texting.

It more helps with not to text wile drive.

And not doing thins to times at once because its not safe.