The Big Ben

Erika Roush

The Big Ben

As seconds go by, people pass in their cars and trollies right by the most famous clock tower in the world. Some may call it the elizabeth tower, or the guardian. But most know it by, The Big Ben.

Finding an artichtect

Finding an artichtect and designer wasn't easy. In 1844, residents in The House of Parliment decided they needed a new clock and tower to go with their new buildigns that were under construction at the time. They hired Charles Barry, and architect, and he called in only one clock designer and maker.The residents disagreed and called in a competitor architect, Astronomer Royal, George Airy. one of his requirments were, "The first stroke of the hour bell should register the time, correct to within one second per day, and furthermore that it should telegraph its performance twice a day to Greenwich Observatory, where a record would be kept."
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The hardest difficulties

Over time, Airy designed everything except the bell. As it turned out thouigh, Sir Charles Barry already designed a 14 ton bell. at that time, the largest bell in London was only 10 1/4 tons so the bellmakers was doubtful they could make it. one bell maker was able to make a 16 ton bell but it was cracked during a test in the Palace Yard in Westminister. George Meyers was actually able to make the bell. The House of Parliment was only a few miles away but it was a major event. They stopped traffic on the streets of London as the giant bell rolled through on its way to the palace. These were the hardest difficulties.
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