Gossip Girl

By: Cecily Von Ziegesar


In a novel about New York City's upper East side, a online gossip site becomes everyones worse nightmare. The novels revolves around four main teenagers Serena, Nate, Blair, Chuck, and Dan. It all begins when Serena arrives home from her mysterious vacation over summer. With all the wealth and connections comes a lot of drama like girls wanting to be queen of their high schools and boys cheating. All this drama is written down and exaggerated on an online website. These teenagers come together to find out and bring down gossip girl .

Reason Book Was Challenged

The book was banned for many different reasons. The book contained drugs, offensive language, and is sexually explicit.

Date Of Attempted Band

2007, 2009, 2012 banned from Marshall Libraries

Banned from Picayune junior High School 2011

My Opinion

I think the banning of the book is arguable. The parents do have a good point on banning the book. I understand why the parents would think this book is bad. However some parents might not mine their kids reading the book so i think it should be up to the kids if they should be aloud to read it.

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