ESD Update

June 10, 2021

ESD Transportation Update

Good afternoon ESD staff and parents,

Last night, the ESD Board of Education voted to approve Scenario One, Option One from the posted Executive Summary (see attached) as the transportation model that will be implemented for next year. As shared in a previous ESD update and several Board meetings, ESD has had postings for bus drivers all year. There is currently a state-wide shortage of bus drivers, and ESD was not able to hire the number of bus drivers necessary to implement a full transfer system for next year. Therefore, it was determined that ESD would need to move forward with the implementation of a tiered system of transportation for the 2021-2022 school year. It was also shared that when Ida Nason Aronica Elementary becomes open as its own entity for the 2022-2023 school year, ESD will need to pursue an attendance zone/boundary system to support a successful transportation system.

After considering the input from six parent/community member listening sessions (with one session being in Spanish) and the input from written emails and community comments to the Board, the major concern appeared to be the gap of time (of drop offs and pick ups) between the two tiers. Another question that came up from the feedback gathered from stakeholders was whether or not the District should look at implementing attendance zones/boundaries for the 2021-2022 school year.

After reviewing all of this feedback and working together with the transportation team and their software company, it was evident that the best way to close the time gap between tiers was to put the secondary students on the first tier and the elementary students on the second tier. After several weeks of collaboration between the transportation team and the software company, an executive summary was produced (see attached) and presented to the Board of Education at the June 9, 2021 Study Session.

As you can see from the executive summary, both scenario one (regular tiered starts) and scenario two (tiered starts with boundaries included) take the gap time between tiers down to the same amount of time. So, as far as the gap is concerned, there is no difference between scenario one and two. In order to maximize the amount of time for the District to collaborate with all stakeholders regarding the implementation of future attendance zones/boundaries for each school, the superintendent's recommendation was to adopt the transportation model outlined in Scenario One, Option One of the executive summary. The ESD Board of Education voted to adopt this model during the regular Board meeting on June 9, 2021.

SCENARIO 1: Option 1

Below is the schedule for next year. This time schedule is very tight but provides the shortest time gap (when considering all the options) between tiers. There will be no boundaries implemented in this model. On days where there may be harsh inclement weather, this tight schedule could result in some buses arriving to Mount Stuart and Valley View after the bell times. Additionally, at the end of each school day, all buses will meet at the HS between 3:35PM and 3:45PM for transfer. At the high school, elementary students will shift to the bus that will take them home. The exact pick up and drop off times for Lincoln Elementary students may be slightly different at the beginning of the year while these students are housed at Lincoln Elementary and before their move in October to the Ida Nason Aronica Elementary site. More information about all routes will be shared, once these routes are finalized.


AM Bell Time

PM Bell Time

Ellensburg High School

7:25 AM

2:05 PM

Morgan Middle School

7:30 AM

2:00 PM

Valley View Elementary School

8:30 AM

3:00 PM

Mount Stuart Elementary School

8:30 AM

3:00 PM

Ida Nason Aronica Elementary School (Lincoln)

8:50 AM

3:20 PM

Thank you to all of the stakeholders who provided their feedback during this process. The tiered model that was adopted by the ESD Board truly affords the District and our families the best way forward to efficiently and effectively implement a successful transportation model for next year.


Our ESD transportation team is exceptional. They have put in multiple hours to determine an optimal transportation model for next year, and we thank them for their efforts.

For information about community resources that are available for before and after school care, please visit this ESD site:

We appreciate your patience and are confident that by working together we will accomplish the best results for our students.


Jinger Haberer, ESD Superintendent